Channa Masala / Chole Masala

Gravy, Side Dish

Channa Masala / Chole Masala is a popular north Indian gravy variety. It can be eaten with wheat based breakfast / dinner varieties like chappathi, naan, rotti, poori etc., It also tastes well with fried rice and pulavs.

Masaal Vadai (Paruppu Vadai)

Side Dish, Snacks

Masaal Vadi or Paruppu Vadai is an all time favorite snacks for kids. It is best for evening tea-time snack. Also serves it as side dish for morning breakfast items like Idli, Dosa, Pongal etc.

Vada Curry

Breakfast, Side Dish

Vadacurry is one of the delicious south Indian side dish for Break fast and Dinner. Vadacurry tastes best with hot idli and dosa.

Mutton Curry

Gravy, Non Vegetarian, Side Dish

Mutton Curry is a traditional south Indian recipe. This is a multi purpose recipe suitable for rice as well as tiffin items such as idli, dosa, chappathi, parotta, naan etc.,

Ladies Finger Fry (Vendaikka Fry)

Side Dish

Ladies Finger Fry (Vendaikka Fry) is South India’s favorite lunch time side dish. Ladies Finger has several health benefits and the fry is rich in taste suitable for all types of lunch meals.

Medu Vada

Side Dish, Snacks

Medu vada is a delicious south Indian snack. It can be made using less ingrediants. It can be used as sidedish with breakfast or a standalone evening snack. Favorite for kids.

Egg Masala

Side Dish

Egg is a rich in protein food used by almost everyone across India. Egg masala is a delicious side dish for lunch and dinner cooked with boiled egg. Rich in taste and favorite for kids.